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Coach Kid Pitch Rules

2022 BHPSA Coach/Kid Pitch Rules


  1. Kid/Coach Pitch is an instructional level.  No Score is kept during play.  All players must be given the opportunity to play every position over the course of the season, unless there is a safety concern.  Most importantly, we need to develop kids that can pitch and play catcher, so work all of the kids through these positions. 
  2. Each half inning consists of 7 batters or 3 outs are recorded, whichever comes first.
  3. Teams must attempt to field a full defense of 9 fielders.  A team can play with 8, fielding 2 outfielders instead of 3.  Teams without 8 players can borrow players from the other team to play defense.  We do not want forfeits, so make every attempt to play using the kids that did show up for the game.
  4. On defense, one coach may be on the field providing instruction.  Fielders will need to start learning what to do on their own, but we still need to give direction, especially early in the season.  If your team shows you they can handle it, start to phase out coaching on the field to let them develop independence. 
  5. Fielders must throw the ball to a teammate to record force outs.  A 2nd baseman or SS can tag 2nd base if it is convenient, as can a 1st baseman or 3rd baseman tag their base.  Outfielders must throw the ball in, they cannot run into the infield and tag runners or bases.  Base-runners are considered safe if an outfielder runs into the infield to record an out.    
  6. Pitchers must throw the ball to home when trying to record a force out.  Pitchers CAN NOT run home on a force out to tag home plate.     
  7. Coaches will begin the game pitching to their team, starting in the first inning and then through all of the odd-numbered innings.  Kids will pitch in the even-numbered innings. 
  8. Unlike Coach Pitch, at the Kid/Coach Pitch level, there is one ball in play and catchers must actively field the baseball and throw it back to the pitcher after each pitch. 
  9. During kid-pitch innings, the offensive team’s coach will stand behind the pitcher and call balls and strikes on his players.  Please keep in mind, strikes are anything that can be hit, not just pitches right over the plate.  At this level, we are not teaching plate discipline or high on base percentage.  There are no walks, but kids can strike out.  If a kid pitcher throws ball four to a batter, the coach of the offense will take over pitching to that batter and a new count is started.  Batters can strike out from kid pitch or coach pitch.  Once that batter has finished his at bat, the kid pitcher will begin pitching to the next batter.  After a kid pitcher has thrown 3 walks the coach of the offensive team will complete the inning.
  10. If a batter is hit by a kid pitch the batter has the option of continuing with the coach pitching or going to first base.  If a batter is hit by a coach pitch the batter will continue batting against the coach pitcher.
  11. During coach pitch innings, coaches still call balls and strikes.  There are still no walks, but strike outs do apply.  We want batters to swing the bat at pitches they can hit.
  12. Teams on offense can run out doubles if the hit is a clear double and hit into the outfield.  No triples at this stage.
  13. There is no advancement on an overthrow.  The runner must remain at the base they were going to.
  14. Sliding is not permitted. 
  15. Bunting is not permitted.
  16. There are no leadoffs.  Players must stay on bases until the ball crosses the plate.
  17. We will introduce steals at this level.  Each team on offense can steal one base per inning.  The runner cannot leadoff, and must wait for the ball to cross home plate before running.  Runners on 3rd cannot steal home.    
  18. Managers must rotate players to different positions at least once per game.  Kids can only pitch one inning a game.
  19. Players must play at least 2 innings in the infield every game. 
  20. All batting helmets must NOCSAE certified and include a facemask or face guard.  The Markwart C-Flap and other similar third-party helmet accessories are not allowed.
  21. Games have a hard stop at 1hr 45 minutes or 6 innings, whichever comes first.  If you are approaching the time limit, finish the last inning you are in.