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Season Information

Published by BHPSA Webmaster
Jul 16, 2022
These dates are estimates, but are a rough idea of the Spring season.

Registration is open until March 1st.  After that some divisions may be open longer to fill up teams, but the number of teams will be finalized.

Evaluations for 8/9 and above will be mid-late March with the drafts soon after.

Practices will begin in early April, as soon as the weather allows.

Games for Minors, Majors, Intermediate, and Juniors will begin the last week in April.
Games for T-Ball, Coach Pitch, Coach/Kid Pitch, and 8/9 will begin in early May.
Games for Seniors will begin the end of May/beginning of June.

For Minors and above the season will run until the end of June.
For T-Ball through 8/9 the season will run into early July.

All Stars are in July for eligible players.