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Welcome to the new BHPSA Website!

Published by BHPSA Webmaster
Oct 30, 2022
After the 2021 season we discovered that our previous website host was shutting down.  We used this opportunity to find a new platform host that gives us all the features we loved before, as well as features we were missing.
This website is definitely still under construction and will change a lot in the coming months.  

With the new site we will slowly bring online new features and updates.  These include a new app with a better integrated calendar.  Improved pitching tracking software.  Improved attendance tracking.  Better Google Maps integration.  A better team website.  And a most robust scheduling program.

You will not see off of these improvements right away, the down side is there is a learning curve for the Board to use this website.  At launch it will include basic information and the ability to register, not much more.  

With the new site you will need to create a new account and we will be using a new app.  Please search for SportsPlus in your app store to download.  

We are looking forward to a great 2022, see everyone this Spring!

BHPSA Board of Directors